Black and Gold


3 “phenomenally built, extremely playable, exquisite sounding. I have two of these gems and they never let me down.  The tone is perfection and the attention to detail is unparalleled. Brooks made me feel a part of the team in the creation of my instruments.  I asked for hand crafted custom built guitars and got so much more!
-Norman K Anderson, shadowveilrecords, Anchorage, AK

1testimonialsJust wanted to thank you for the stellar hospitality and tour the other week. I am very impressed with your operation and the quality of your work.
-Curtis Gorlich, morning sock studios,Hilton head,SC

My BCG is playing and sounding as brilliant as ever, keep up the good work
-Gareth Prosser, Blue Man Group strings player, Orlando, FL

2 testimonialsre: the fret work you performed on my beloved ’92 SRV. I’ve owned this guitar since new, and hand picked it from several they had. It’s always been an exceptional guitar, IMHO.
I’ve had several techs perform a set-up/fret dress over the years. But the work you performed recently has made it play/sound like never before! Perfect intonation. The sustain and tone, on every string, in every position, had been dramatically improved. Completely eliminated a couple dead spots that have plagued me since new. I really can’t over-state the improvement to the instrument, and the pleasure I get when playing it.
Can’t thank you enough…
-J W, Bluffton

“I am seriously blown away. I’ve never played or heard a guitar so sweet.”

“We were practicing the other night and right in the middle of a long jam our keyboardist just stopped playing for almost a minute…after the song, he said “man, I got so mesmerized by that guitar I completely forgot what I was doing.”

I already sold my Eq@$?*^ guitar …had planned to keep it as one of my backups but it’s a piece of junk in comparison….there is no comparison. You’ve got a big fan out here!     P.T