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BCG Had A Great First Day At The Orlando Guitar Expo

BCG had a great first day at the Orlando Guitar Expo. From a bit of a late start on Friday the BCG team pulled together to smoothly and effectively assemble the show set for an eager awaiting public on Saturday morning. The setup included new guitar hangers that safely and tastefully displayed the instruments, as well as a few minor changes to the floor plan to improve the flow. We made tons of wonderful new contacts and friends as well a nice surprise visit from my parents! All in all a big day, prepping for a bigger day Sunday.

Hope to see you at the show!


Orlando International Guitar and Music Expo

Happy New Years to all of you players, collectors and appreciators of fine hand built instruments! Here a bcg we are off running into 2014 with a new acoustic model in the works as well as being weeks away from the official launch of “Clone 2″ a new electric single cutaway model. To top it all off bcg will be making a strong showing at the international guitar expo in Orlando Florida on the 18, 19th of this month (January). Make sure to come see the new electric archtops that represent the top of the line product I offer as a luthier, and enjoy the intimate setting of the sound booth where you can test drive the goods through some of my choice tube amps. We are making some small adjustments and improvements to the production so we expect to be in top form by the end of next week. We will see you all in Orlando where the weather just might be a bit warmer than it is around here. See you at the show!

BEE-3 Vintage Carolina Guitar Show

Brooks Cobb Guitars took to the road this past weekend attending the Carolina Guitar Show in Charlotte, North Carolina. A new isolation booth by was unveiled to the delight of many eager customers looking for the chance to play a hand built Brooks Cobb Guitar and enjoy the superior playability and craftsmanship in the comfort of a private, isolated environment. Over the weekend many talented guitar players experienced first hand what makes Brooks’ guitars unique, from the one of a kind nitro laquer finishes enhancing hand selected figured maple tops to the original designs and intricate woodworking techniques that define the high level of experience and passion that Brooks brings to his profession. The weekend was highlighted by the welcoming of two new members to the Brooks Cobb Guitars Player family. Overall a wonderful experience shared by friends and family, old and new, and defined by a tremendous effort by all the members of the Brooks Cobb Guitar Team. Many thanks to all who participated in making the show such a success.

Brooks Cobb On Custom Guitars

Brooks Cobb Guitars is an idea that a musician should and can be inspired by his or her instrument every time he or she interacts with it. To view a beautiful palate of uniquely grown woods from around the world. To hear the tones and timbres of those special woods married together through old world luthier techniques and wood glue. To experience the breath of the instrument as the musician plays it and brings the true meaning to the guitar. It is just that, a guitar and its meant to be played. From day one I design and build each guitar with the end goal of superior playability in the forefront of my mind and intent.

Each Handbuilt custom guitar wants to feel an extension of it’s player. To connect, to serve best the needs and comforts of its owner, to act and react appropriately for any situation its player may experience. They need and call for your attention with stunning select figured maple tops finished in translucent deeply lustered nitrocellulose lacquer finishes. They regularly come dressed for the party with three binding packages of traditional black and white plastic, but wooden bindings can take it to a whole other level. Your choice of construction materials and type of body construction will create a unique custom Brooks Cobb Guitar for you, and will create a musical partnership between you and your new guitar for life.

Contact me to take a musical adventure in my world of wood and wire. To view currently available guitars please check in at the SHOP.

I look forward to helping you realize your fullest musical potential by building you your guitar of your dreams.


Brooks Cobb