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Inlay class

$300, three day course

You will learn the ins and outs of inlaying guitar fretboards and headstock veneers in this three day intense course.

We start with drawing up an inlay and learn how to use our computer and printer to help us tackle resizing, flipping images, and other basic layout tasks that will set us up for a successful inlay. We will cover basic cutting techniques using jeweler’s saws and mini files and the other tools used to complete the job. We will discuss safety and material hazards as well as responsible materials sourcing. You will generate a drawing for your headstock logo, and you will have a choice of five fretboard inlay packages to choose from based on our three day time allowances custom fretboards inlays are not currently offered. We will prep our fretboards and headstock veneers in the afternoon of day one, including sizing the board and slotting for frets.

Day two is our day of cutting and routing. The biggest day by far we will be moving through the process of cutting our inlays out of wood, shell, metal and plastics as well as going into placement and pattern transfer. We will get started with the routing process however we more than likely will be finishing that step on the next day.

Day three we finish the routing process taking our time to stay in our lines making for a tight looking inlay you can be proud of. When we are happy with the dry fits, we will go through the gluingprocess and let the pieces dry over our lunch in old town Bluffton. We will conclude the afternoon with the sanding and filling any touch ups and sanding some more. When complete you will have a radiused, slotted, inlayed, fretboard. It will be ready to glue up to your neck blank in the building course as well as a headstock veneer with your inlayed logo on it. If not in the course you take your inlayed parts with you for your own project in the future.

The inlay course is designed for a beginner with little to no woodworking or guitar building experience. As always safety is, first so you will be closely monitored for each step involving power tools. You will be encouraged and coached to complete all of the tasks yourself, however if there something you are uncomfortable with Brooks can complete the step while you observe the techniques up close so you still get a great experience. Students of the following Build Your Own Guitar Course have first pick priority in this class sign up. The inlay class will be held the three days prior to the BYOG Course.