analysis plus black oval

Analysis Plus Black Oval 15’ instrument cable



Product Description

This Analysis Plus’ Black Oval instrument cable has silent 1/4″ plugs (straight) that enable you to switch instruments without running to the amplifier and turning down the volume. The silent plug is a special version 2-pole plug (mono plug) with an integrated switch which automatically mutes (shorts) a guitar cable to avoid annoying pops and squeals when hot swapping guitars. The unique design, with its spring-loaded ground sleeve, creates a more reliable switching plug than others on the market, with a 1/2-inch profile that fits your guitar.

What Analysis Plus considers to be its best flex-and-feel instrument cables, the Black Oval series is an ROHS compliant, completely green cable that sounds as good as it feels. The cable has 20 gauge conductors, a conductive sheath to eliminate microphonics, and an oval center conductor with a hollow oval return.

The cable, connectors, packaging, and it’s design are all done in the USA.


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